Thursday, June 10, 2021

Bass - Amp

 Bass VST/AU (V1.1) - Bass Guitar Tube Amp.


Ampeg SVT-CL style.

Note: After this amp simulator, you need to put the cabinet simulator (IR).

Input - input level switch
Gain - input level knob
Ultra Low - tone switch
Ultra High - tone switch
Bass - tone knob
Midrange - tone knob
Frequency - midrange frequency knob (works like a five-position switch)
Treble - tone knob
Master - output level knob
Stereo -  mono or stereo switch

Oversampling 8x.

Version 1.1 - tonestack correction.
Version 1.0 - first release.

Win VST, 32-64-bit: Bass V1.1

MacOSX VST & AU, 32-64-bit: Bass V1.1 VST+AU